You Need Industrial Automation & Advanced Manufacturing

What can be automated, will.
Stay ahead by doing more with less.


If you don’t have the next great idea, someone else will. Stay competitive and increase your productivity by embracing innovative opportunity.


When you decrease the potential for human error, you decrease the likelihood of accidents. Keep your workplace and employees safe by exploring industrial automation solutions.

Attracting Talent

New technology and automation propels innovation and creativity forward while minimizing the impact of labor attraction challenges.

What Can Be Automated?

Just as our world is constantly changing and growing, so must our companies. As an enterprise, how can you increase your productivity? What is the best response to a labor shortage? What investment will give you the greatest return? How can you and your team disrupt the status quo? In this ebook, we’ll show you that the answer to these questions (and many more) is automation.

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Why Choose Lindquist Machine

With a team of professionally educated and highly motivated associates, 130,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space, and machine building experience in a wide range of industries, we offer a cost-effective, turn-key machine building solution that will fit your need.



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Your Industry is Being Automated

Industrial automation is increasing like never before, and changing the face of industries around the world. Make sure your company stays engaged in the trend and ahead of the competition.
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Intelligent Environments

“The factory automation solution that Lindquist Machine provided us was on-time, easy to install, achieved our project ROI, and offered us a competitive advantage in our marketplace. Lindquist Machine is our first choice for factory automation investments and I would highly recommend them to other end-users.”

– Kurt Voss
Amerilux International
– Kurt Voss
Amerilux International

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