The LMC Advantage

We bring innovations alive with cost effective solutions that solve manufacturing problems

Creativity and Integrity Live Here

At Lindquist Machine Corporation (LMC), we bring innovations alive to solve the most complicated manufacturing problems with cost-effective solutions that deliver amazing results!

Operating since 1946, we’re an ISO 9001 : 2015 registered custom machine builder and just like our machinery, we believe in building tailor-made relationships with our clients.

This means starting off on the right foot – trust. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it! Our culture depends on being able to stand behind our work and our word.
We specialize in custom machine building solutions. We have no product line we’re trying to sell, instead we want to join your organization as partners. We’ll take point on engineering design, fabrication, assembly, and installation.

Our Values – The Heart of a Lindquist Machine

Working with Lindquist Machine is a unique experience. We’re driven by our core values, which aren’t hazy business-speak. We stand behind our word always – that applies to our values.

Demonstrate Integrity

Every interaction you have with your Lindquist Machine project lead will make you feel better about our partnership. We find out what the right thing is, and then we do it!

Apply Learning

We focus on continuous learning to improve our effectiveness. In manufacturing, the right way to operate changes frequently. We’re the first ones to get there.


By creating and fostering an environment of teamwork and knowledge sharing, we’re able to rely on each other to help and fill in any gaps. We support one another always.

Be Diligent

Making good decisions isn’t always easy, but it’s usually simple. For us, it means spending time researching and thinking about the problem, being decisive about a solution and then executing with steadiness and follow-through.

Perform Accountability

Behind every value is doing what we said we were going to do. This also means taking responsibility when we’re unable to follow-through fully. Our culture is built around the idea that our word is important, and worth standing behind.

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What To Expect from a Relationship with Lindquist Machine Corporation

By carrying these values into every bolt we fasten, we provide a unique and valuable experience for our partners. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Enterprise Culture

An intentional culture developed through an external view of the market with extraordinary project execution built on collaboration and accountability; this allows us to become part of our client’s overall business strategy.


Throughout our entire working relationship, we’ll provide timely and efficient dialogue of quality information. This includes thinking, planning, problem solving, timelines and beyond. You’ll never be in the dark.


The machines we build are just the vessel for what we really do – solve problems and add value. We love surprising our partners by going above and beyond to make sure you have a reliable, cost-effective solution that gives give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Project Planning

We’re experienced project leaders who will keep your project at cost, on time and meeting or exceeding your quality standards. We also know that things change – fast. We’ll execute a documented project plan with a focus on any significant variables which can affect your desired outcome.
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Lean Business Principles

We hate waste! Our processes have been optimized through repetitive value stream mapping, yielding unmatched innovation, speed and quality. We know that we offer the most value in the market supply chain when we eliminate any wasteful products or byproducts of the fabrication process.
custom design manufacturing

Perfect Mindset

We admit it – we are far from and will never be perfect. That does not mean we will accept anything short of perfection. We learn from our mistakes, driving continuous improvement throughout all areas of our organization.
custom manufacturing and engineering

Collaborating with our Customer

One of the toughest things in engineering is balancing client needs with creative ambitions. We achieve this balance by staying in a constant state of relevant and efficient communication – including: exchange of data, trust, mutual use of agreed processes, etc.

Ready to Get Started?

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Appropriate Technology

The speed of change in technology offers opportunities to improve speed, cost and quality; we leverage technology investments that add value to all of our stakeholders – customers, suppliers, and associates.

It’s in Our DNA

We’re really committed to integrity and client satisfaction. We can’t help it. It’s who we are. We grew up with a prudent midwest work ethic. Our Facility Lindquist Machine Corporation 610 Baeten Road Green Bay, WI 54304 At our state of the art, 130,000 sq ft Design and Technology center, we deliver surprising results every day! Our facility provides 40,000 sq ft for assembly services, including hard-wall and curtained secured bays to protect both technology and intellectual property. Additionally, we offer temperature and humidity controlled assembly bays. Interested in checking it out? Let us know – We’d love to show you around!

Lindquist Machine Corporation

610 Baeten Road Green Bay, WI 54304

We Bring Innovations ALIVE!

Let us show you how important our word is. Contact us today to discuss your unique manufacturing needs. We’ll work with you to come up with the best possible solution, no matter how creative we have to be, and then surprise you with our commitment to quality execution.