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Paper & Converting Solutions

Meeting Industrial, Commercial, and OEM Needs

Serving industrial and commercial clients as well as OEM customers with overflow, Lindquist Machine Corporation manufactures pulp and paper roll handling equipment and paper converting machinery. Able to produce equipment for all aspects of the paper and pulp process, we manufacture bale wrappers, in-winders and winders, load levelers, reels, slitters, and more. Our machines can also have automated load, unload, and transfer processes integrated for increased efficiency and safety.

Machinery is also available with conveyors, and we can manufacture other units like tip lifts, spool lifters, vertical center lifts, and portable hoists. Our carbon steel constructions can be up to 250 ft. (76.2 m) long and 19 ft. (5.791 m) tall, weighing up to 40 tons, with manual control or integrated PLC. For more information, please contact us today.

Printing Machines & Equipment

Lindquist Machine Corporation has extensive experience working with various OEM’s in the printing industry with narrow web, gravure, and flexographic applications. Our experience includes turn-key assembly projects – folders, color units, dryers, and angle bars. Our assembly bay, floor plates, and large crane capacity may be an excellent fit for your printing press project.

Factory Automation Equipment & Conveyors

Design, Build, Repair Factory Automation Systems Able to produce machines for the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace industries among others, Lindquist Machine Corporation manufactures factory automation equipment for processes like anodizing, case packing, packaging, and cartoning. Our custom machines can be delivered turnkey, including programming of the optional integrated PLC systems, and we can manufacture automatic or continuous machines, high-speed equipment, and flexible machines that can be reconfigured or moved when needed. Lindquist Machine builds, repairs, and upgrades factory automation equipment for our clients, and also handles OEM overflow production work on a contract basis. Our ISO 9001:2008-registered facility and staff can handle electrical and mechanical engineering, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and programming, with a manufacturing floor equipped with grinding, forming, machining, painting, and any other manufacturing method required for production. We also offer project leadership services, covering documentation, installation, integration, and technical support. Lindquist Machine is happy to help meet your factory automation equipment needs.

Wind Power Generation Equipment

Lindquist Machine Corporation’s wind power generation equipment manufacturing facility boasts the capacity to meet any need, with special focus on wind turbines for the small wind market. In addition, we serve commercial clients. We handle the fabrication and assembly of all components: housings, pitch linkages, gearboxes and main shafts, using carbon steel and various castings. For existing equipment, we also offer repair services and gearbox rebuilds.

At Lindquist Machine, we use all manufacturing tools at our disposal to make our products: welding, machining, drilling, and more, with CMM inspection and tolerances down to +/- 50 millionths of an inch (0.000050″). Regulation of the small wind market is ever-changing, and we offer full documentation and testing of our products to meet any specification and requirement. Contact us today to learn more and discuss your needs.

Food Processing & Packaging Equipment

From small-scale working prototype through full manufacturing runs. As a manufacturer of food processing and packaging equipment, Lindquist Machine Corporation builds machines with integrated functions to handle food processing-blending, extrusion, grinding, mixing, and more-as well as food packaging. Whether for dairy processing or meat and poultry processing, we can custom build your product, even if it doesn’t currently exist in the market. We can also build machines to handle processing and packaging of pet food. Working with you to produce small-scale working prototype through full manufacturing runs, we can meet your needs each step of the way. Our food processing and packaging equipment is manufactured from 300 series stainless steel, and can vary in size up to 250 ft. (76.2 m) long, 40 ft. (12.192 m) in width, and 19 ft. (5.791 m) tall, and up to 40 tons in weight. Processing and packaging parameters are fully adjustable, and machines can be controlled manually or through an integrated PLC. Contact us to discuss your specific custom requirements.

Nuclear Energy Equipment

For Processing & Commercial Power Plants. Drawing on extensive experience, Lindquist Machine Corporation manufactures nuclear power generation commercial and processing sectors, as well as government and military clients. In producing nuclear process equipment, we work with metals as varied as stainless steel 300 and 400 series alloys, in addition to exotic metals like Inconel and Monel. We can meet any specialized requirements specific to nuclear power generation equipment. LMC can also provide complete final record packages, including needed process procedures. Lindquist Machine can build custom equipment to print, as well as repair existing equipment. We produce small-scale, working prototypes, provide run-off testing services, and can ship finished products turnkey. Our facility has the capacity to produce nuclear processing equipment up to 250 ft. (76.2 m)in length, 40 ft. (12.192 m) in width, and 19 ft. (5.791 m) in height. We can accept any computer files or drawings with more details of the required equipment, so contact us to get started.

OEM Gearbox Build, Assembly Services & Gearbox Rebuilds

Handling OEM gearbox component inventory and rebuilds, as well as new constructions, Lindquist Machine Corporation is a leading provider of gearbox build and assembly services for use in plastic extrusion equipment. We serve a wide range of functions, from warranty claims to inspection, failure diagnosis, and field service. We specialize in custom gearbox fabrication in all configurations, from helical to planetary, and shaft orientations like right angle and non-perpendicular shafts, parallel inline and offset, and multiple shafts.
Our maximum diameter output shaft ability is 23 in. (584.2 mm), with backlash ranging from 15 or above, down to zero. Enclosures can be made from metals like stainless steel and iron, with various coatings and finishes available: powder coated, painted, anodized, and more. We can provide a box-build assembly service, as well as product packaging services. Contact us to learn more.

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